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What Is A CMS – Meaning & Types

You are here to search about what is a CMS and what are the types of CMS ? Let’s start with the full form of this word which is, Content Management System. The full phrase defines the program itself through its words. Let’s check out what it is

What Is A CMS ?

CMS are those software which made web development work much easier. You will have a computer program which can help you in developing an high quality website without using codes and programming techniques.

CMS tells you to upload that particular script files in your hosting. After that easy upload you just have to make few changes and install the software to create a website. You can take it like you are installing a game in Windows.

After installing a CMS you can also make changes very easily by using the admin panel. You can add pages, delete pages, edit them, add images, embed video, upload media files, change design etc. everything is possible through it.

But let me remind you, that we need to to use to mess in the codings of the website to to all the above work. All the tasks can be completed with normal editing like you are working on Microsoft PowerPoint.

It is also true that if we are willing to have extra response from any particular CMS then we need to come in between the net of programmings. But in most cases we just have to play with outer portion of website only. This the only reason why the usage of CMS are beating the website designing field.

I can’t disagree the fact the web designing is a different in IT industry. Now a days too, people love to adopt individual designed website. It can help in creating an individuality in the way of presentation. But CMS are running one step ahead from it because its fast, highly responsive, easy to use and very basic way to develop any kind of website.

Types Of Content Management System

There are two kinds of CMS which are available in the internet market. All the CMS scripts belong to these two categories only. Those two are : Open Source CMS & Proprietary CMS. Let’s have a brief about both of them.

1. Open Source CMS

Open Source content management systems are those piece of website development software which are available for free to users. Few of the examples for this are, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Mambo etc.

The CMS’s belongs to this category are are offered free by the creators to the developers who want to use them. You will not have to pay for the license, software, templates, plugins, modules extensions etc. As most of the popular open source CMS provide all these things fro free to the users.

Although there are premium kind of services all also available for the them. But those are not compulsory to start or run a website through OS CMS. The basic softwares are enough to design a good website through them.

2. Proprietary CMS

This is the second type of CMS and as per its name only the owner of this kind of CMS can use it. These CMS comes under the category of premium software and programs for website development.

The creators of proprietary CMS charge money in response of the service. For few CMS, you have to pay for every part i.e. software, templates, plugins, modules, extensions, usage license. Even the users are also restricted to using the CMS on various domains. As few developers offer two kind of license to the users, first of single domain use and other one for multiple domain use.

The buyers of this CMS are also not allowed to copy the theme for business purpose. I mean to say, if I am copying any copyrighted CMS and selling it on my credit, then it will be find as objectionable activity.

So, the above were the meaning and definition of content management systems as well as the types of CMS. I hope you have got the answer of your question what is a CMS and it will be useful for you, I will be glad to have your comments on it. 🙂 🙂

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