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Tokokoo Themes Standard & Developers Club Features & Details

In this post I am sharing about the full details of clubs deal of Tokokoo themes. Tokokoo Premium Themes Collection come under the famous developers which provides high quality themes for various kind of niche. Tokokoo has themes for music websites, e-commerce themes, professional themes, normal blogging themes etc. kind of creations in their collection. You can also check the high quality themes collections of Tokokoo.

But Tokokoo is running a bulk themes package plan for website developers as well as designers too. Before that let inform you that in normal condition the price of single theme of Tokokoo collection is $ 75 for Standard and $ 129 for Developers license.

Clubs of Tokokoo Themes

The deals which I am talking about starts with $ 15 per month ($99 Sign Up Free). In this deal you can purchase all the themes of Tokokoo Collection. Name, price details with features of both the plans are :

Standard Club Plan – $15 / Month ($99 Sign Up Fee)

Developers Club Plan – $20 / Month ($149 Sign Up Fee)

The sign up amount of both the plans are are one time payment only. Monthly payments of both the deals vary because of the features of the club deals. These are few main and common features which you will get with the membership.

Features of Standard & Developer Club Deal

1. Download All Tokokoo Themes

After the subscription of the Tokokoo Standard Club Deal you can download all the available themes. At the time when you are active as a member you can access all the themes which are available in the collection of Tokokoo. Currently, 16+ themes are present in the collection but in case you are have subscribed the club for 2 months and in next month Tokokoo launches another theme. Then you can download that theme too without any extra charges because as that moment you are the active subscribed member of Tokokoo.

2. Extra Themes Access

Besides the collection of 16 themes you also get the chance to download 12 more network themes of Tokokoo. There isn’t any kind of extra charge to access these themes. These are also included in the same pack.

3. Tokokoo Panel

Tokokoo panel is also attached with the each theme which you have downloaded from the website. It can help you in making more effective changes in the layout of your website. It will be appeared in the Appearance section of your Dashboard.

4. Unlimited Domain Use

You can use the downloaded themes on unlimited domains or website. Any kind of restriction limit is not their in using the themes. All the themes which you have downloaded from Tokokoo under the Standard Club deal can be used on unlimited domains. All the themes would be usable for lifetime period.

5. Access To Support Forums & Tutorials

At the time of active membership of this program you also get the full access to the support forums of Tokokoo. It is also included in the same package with same amount. Besides it you also get the tutorial guides and documents which can help you allot in installation, activation and working with all the themes individually.

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