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Templatic Themes Affiliate Program Details – Earn 30% Commission

Templatic themes are running affiliate program for the bloggers and website holders. They are offering the service to promote their themes and earn as per each referred sale. Templatic .com have a good range of quality premium themes which any affiliate will love to promote through their website. Check the full details and information related to the affiliate program.

Templatic Theme Affiliate Program Banner

Before joining any affiliate program we give a short view to the information of it. So, here is an brief intro about the Templatic affiliate program.

30% Commission Per Sale

Refer one Templatic theme through your affiliate link and earn $30 commission of that particular sale. It means whatever the turnover you are giving to Templatic under your referral you will get the total 30% income from that.

Minimum Payout – $50

After completing $50 only you can withdraw the income. For that you have to made at least two sales for Templatic then only you can have this much amount in your affiliate account.

Payment Mode – Paypal 

You can receive the payment through the Paypal process only. For this you should have an Paypal account . Templatic provides the income through this method only. There isn’t any alternate way to transfer the commission.

Other Things To Consider

  • In case Templatic is refunding the money to client then the further adjustment will be made through on your next sale of theme.
  • Sales made for personal your by own account will not be counted as a commissionable sale. Affiliate will not the commission for that particular theme. So, don’t try to do so, unless you account can get terminated.
  • Don’t use the affiliate link on the domains which contains “templatic” word in itself. Its not allowed by Templatic.
  • Promotional tools like banners, text links, html links are available in the affiliate dashboard.

How To Join Program

To join the Templatic affiliate program you have to create account on the website. Sign up for the program and enjoy earnings.

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