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Swift Premium Theme Review: Fast Loading Responsive and SEO friendly WP Theme

Importance of a good wordpress theme can not be neglected if you are serious about Your blog or Your Business site. A good theme is must have for WordPress sites to ensure good site speeds , better design To boost your On page seo and maintain bounce rates.There are Thousands Of free and paid wordpress themes available on Internet. Most Of Newbie bloggers waste plenty of money and Time in choosing a good theme. Here let me share my experience with swift theme by Satish Gandham which is one of most popular free theme in wordpress.org.

Swift Theme comes in both Paid Version and free version. I used free version for my blog for more than one year and later i downloaded swift premium trial version Which made me fall in love with premium version. Let’s discuss about functionality and main features of this responsive theme.


Premium Swift Theme Features & Functions

What is kept in mind while purchasing a WordPress theme? Theme should be responsive , It should work well on big screens of users laptop as well as basic smartphones with small screen size. It should be clean and easy to use.

Recently google has made it clear that it will give priority in indexing responsive websites. Sites which are responsive and with good pagespeed are ranked better and fortunately swift premium thes do it very well..

Loading Speed : This is also an important factor in Google’s ranking algorithm. The Swift premium theme loads at over 90% speed on Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool. We tried at and achieved a speed of 93%.

It loads very fast

On its website, Initially, i was not convinced with that description. But when i tested the theme on my own (more than 5 times), i got the same results.

On all the parameters such as Page speed grade, Page load time, YSlow grade, Total page size and number of requests, Schema WordPress theme performs well as compared to Genesis framework and Elegant Themes.

When you are running a WordPress blog, it is very critical to maintain the health of your blog.

Its minimal design beats even Genesis framework

You can easily feel it while navigating my blog. Color combination, typography and styling of Swift theme in WordPress theme is really impressive. Every feature is kept very simple.

It comes with in-built ad management system

Adding A pugin for ad management is never an good idea. In Swift theme by Satish you can add different ad codes for different screen sizes. You can choose ad management as per your choice.

Easy-to-use theme panel

Swift theme can be customised the way you want . For example- I took only 10-15 minutes to buy this theme, install it on my blog, understand everything and customize my blog.

The best thing about the theme panel of swift premium theme is that you get only what you need. That means your theme panel is not cluttered with things you are hardly going to use while blogging.

SEO Ready

Search engine optimization is everything in blogosphere. You just write a simple word ‘SEO’ in Google search, you will find thousands of results for this, Thanks to well-documented codes of this premium theme that make this theme loads faster than even Genesis framework.

Because of these things, Swift WordPress theme works pretty well when it comes to SEO. If you want to get into professional blogging, choosing a best WordPress theme is what you need.

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