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9 Other Publisher Platforms To Forget / Replace Buy Sell Ads

Many professional bloggers, full time as well as half time wish to earn through BuySellAds.com. Everyone has their personal reasons to earn through this publisher program. But my personal reason behind getting an approval of Buy Sell Ads account and start generating income is simple to fix a monthly amount as earning for my blog. This is what I want from Buy Sell Ads.

But its not everyone’s cup of tea. Although you might get and approved account but you blog should have been consistent performer to get good and high paying sponsors which can buy the advertisement spots of your blog / website. That’s why many blogger like me gets failed to even get an approved account of BuySellAds.com. If you also belong to my category then you can also take that step which I have taken to forget about Buysellads.com.

Buy Sell Ads Alternatives

I researched allot and selected 9 best platforms for publishers. According to the reviews based articles of each of the website in the list I can say that they would be able to replace Buy Sell Ads from your blog. I am not saying that I’ve already tried it. I just made a decision to give each of them a try. The list of the 9 best publisher platforms like Buy Sell Ads or I can say the alternatives of Buysellads.com are as below ”

1. Advertise Space

2. Puxee

3. Blog Ads

4. OIO Publisher 

5. Project Wonderful

6. AdSella

7. AdEngage

8. CPM Star

9. Advertiser Bay

All of the nine concepts have the same process of serving income to publishers. Publisher would apply and get an approved account. After that they will wait for the advertiser till they contact to buy your ad space (same like Buy Sell Ads). These publisher programs can also give you permanent monthly fixed income like BSA. Check them out.

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