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3 Best Just Dial Clone – Open Source PHP Scripts

JustDial.com is known as the best local business search engine of India. It is the high ranked website will allows the users to list their business contact information on the website. After the success of this concept in India, we have witnessed various other sites like this too.

So, if you want to create a website like JustDial.com then its quite easy now. As the arrival of CMS and open source scripts made it very easy now to create a high quality website. That too without messing up in between the codings.

Best Just Dial Clone Scripts

To start creating a website you should have a best hosting plan (recommended HostGator). After that you will have to choose best script for it. All the above listed scripts are available in PHP language.

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Although there are several other scripts like this. But in every post I try to share the best scripts with my readers. I suggest you to check the demo of every script which to decided the best one for you.

1. Just Dial Clone

Just Dial Clone Script Demo Screenshot

This script has the best design like JustDial.com. You will get the features like website configuration, membership plans, location management, categories and sub categories management, manage users, ad listings management,videos management, integration of sms, Google settings, payment gateway settings,content management, success storeis, testimonies, etc. All these features are available with this script.

2. Just Dial Script

Just Dial Script Demo Screenshot

This script is quite different then the above one. It has a quite clean layout exactly like Just Dial. After customization of this script on personal level you can find a best local business search script. Here are the list of few features of this script :

Unlimited listings
Multilingual compatibility
Better administrator area
Adsense & other advertisement compatibility
Google maps compatibility

There are several other features too which are available with this script you can check it on the official website of the script.

3. Directory Script – ScripAdda

Directory Script Demo - Script Adda

This script can be used for multiple purposes. The script can also be used as Classified script too. It is also an open course script which can help you to create a classified as well as business directory website.

You can check : Best WordPress Classifieds Themes

The developer of this software offering the features like site management features, categorization of ad listings, users management, payment manager, membership management, ad banners, general settings and editing too etc.


Create Website Like Yelp – 6 Clone Scripts

We all know about Yelp.com, leading yellow pages website or we can say online business directory. There are so many people who are searching on internet about how they can create a website like Yelp. To answer those questions, I am writing this post.

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Starting with the help hosting, you should have a better plan. We recommend our readers to have HostGator as best web hosting provider. The next resource to create a website like Yelp.com is proper clone script.

You Must See : Vantage Theme – WP Business Directory

There are so many open source clone scripts are available on internet. Amongst all of them we are sharing the best 6 compatible scripts. All of the scripts are rated very high by the users. Check them out :

List Of Yelp Clone Scripts

1. Business Review Directory – Crowdvox

Business Reviews Theme By Crowdvox

This directory script has been launched by Crowdvox. You can have the features like admin dashboard, advanced modules, rating points, custom fields, geo maps, facebook connect, paid listings, mobile app framework etc.

2. Professional Local Directory

Professional Local Directory Script Screenshot

This script is the product of EI Hi Tech. It is full customizable script with open and easy codes. Nice admin control panel, multi-categories support, advances local search option etc.

3. eDirectory

eDirectory Demo Screenshot

If you want to know about my favorite script which can compete Yelp, then I will support this one. A best script which includes various features in it. Main features in this script are mobile version enabled, adroid and iOS app framework, click to call, send sms on phone etc.

4. Meeplace Business Review CMS

Meeplace Business Review CMS

It is a quite similar software like above one. But the features and layout the script are far different from any other scripts. You must check the like preview of this CMS.

5. Just Spotted By Script By Agriya

JustSpotted Script By Agriya

Help your users to reach at the nearest place or business to purchase the wiling things. The larger maps can allow them to track the exact location an nearby places too. Besides it, there are several other features which can help you and the users too.

6. City Reviewer By B-Scripts

Ctiy Reviewer By B Scripts

You will get the features like multi categories according to city, state and language. Social website integration on Facebook, Twitter etc are also available in it. Integrated Google maps feature, auto suggestions and easy admin control panel. All these features are provided by B-scripts.

So, above were the list of all those scripts, open source CMS and softwares through which you can easily create a website like Yelp.com. I wish it will be useful for you. Kindly comment 🙂 🙂


How To Become A Successful Amazon Affiliate

After reading on sombody’s blog that he earn 6 figure income per year through Amazon only, we get motivated and start thinking about how can become an affiliate, no… “Successful Amazon Affiliate”.

Nothing is possible without hardwork. But hardwork is not everything, you should also have the knowledge of proper way to achieve the goal. In our field research is the best to get the guidance. After allot of research I can share few points which can answer your quest.

Before doing anything, it must be confirmed whether you are an registered or active  Amazon affiliate or not. If not, then you must join Amazon affiliate program now.

How To Be An Successful Amazon Affiliate

I have divided my article in 6 possible points. It can help you in getting the knowledge according to the title.

Amazon Associates Logo

1. Higher & Higher Traffic

The first and very common thing which we need to earn huge amount of income is Traffic. Whether you are trying to earn through Amazon affiliate program or any other one, even through any CPC or PPC ad program too. Your site should get enough amount of traffic to print $$$.

2. Use Contextual Links

It is the most recommended way to generate sales through blog or websites. Suggest your visitors the best product in the same post through hyperlinking the related text or phrase.

For example, while writing a post on, ‘how to lose weight’. You can easily add a line in it i.e. You must read the popular weight loss ebooks too. This will force them to follow the link and probability will increase for referral sale. If sale is done the it will be easy for you to welcome the commission.

3. Relevant Articles

The relevancy of article is very much important. It contains two factors in it,

First, the product and article should match each other. Think, you are writing a weight loss related post and referring a Toy. Will it be worthy ? No.. so, it would be better to refer compatible things through your writings.

Second thing is the trust of the reader. If you are sharing baseless things then why the reader will go through your full article. Use nice and impressive way for writing an article. After writing it, read once and think from the view of reader. Will a reader love share it on social sites, or will anybody recommend it to other friends etc. If you think yes then its fine, but if you have a single doubt then refresh it.

4. Promote Offers, Discounts Coupons, etc.

If you have seen discounts and offers on any product. Then don’t wait to share it with your visitors, subscribers and email readers. Update it on your social pages and shoot an email (if you are using email marketing service which highly recommended by pro bloggers)

It will inform all your readers that they can save money on purchasing something. This process is highly responsive and you can see the instant hike in your sales chart.

5. Use Promotional Tools

Besides above point, you can also use various promotional tools like :

Banners Tools – You can add them on the sidebar of your website or blog’s widget areas.

Search Toolbar – It is also quite effective thing which you will get in your affiliate account. Through it readers can instantly search for the product which they want.

Themes & Plugins – You can use plugins and themes which are built with Amazon buttons and other features. It will be quite useful for you if you are running a blog on Amazon products niche.

5. Pick Best Review Products

In above points I tried to tell you how to promote Amazon products. Under this heading I want to tell you, What To Promote.

Amazon is an market, every market has good as well as worst things too. If you are referring your readers bad and poor quality products then they will never love to purchase them. It means, all your hardwork work will go in vain.

How to find the best product to refer. It is very simple, checkout the review points of the products. Try to promote those products only which have 5+ ratings. Unless less ratings will decrease the chance for your sales too.

So, these were the points which I want to share with my reader to explain the topic, How To Be An Successful Amazon Affiliate. I hope, these were useful for you.


How A Blogger Can Sell A Blog

We all know blogging is all about expression our views and expressing through writing skills. But, now a days is becoming the most effective online work to generate huge income. You can use various methods to earn through a blog like affiliate marketing, advertisements, etc.

But there is an another way to earn instantly a huge amount of income. That is, simply “Sell Your Business”. A successful blog is an business for a blogger. And as a businessman it can be counted amongst the assets of its business. If you want then you can easily sell you business online. As there are so many companies and professional people of that industry find for existing blogs on internet.

Why Professionals Buy Old Blogs

There are so many reasons behind purchasing old and existing blogs by professional. Few of them are like :

1. Old blogs have much better indexing in search engines then new blogs.

2. They find for high PR and good Alexa Rankings too.

3. A new blog can take much time to get good rankings in SERPs but old blogs can give far better results in very short span of time.

4. Through old and good blogs you can start earning from today only but a fresh blog will take time to give you even a single $.

5. Due to the above reasons, few brokers purchase a blog from your in any particular price and sell them to other people. They take higher price for the same blog and their network help them in it.

Similarly, there might be several other reasons too behind this. Let me tell you, here old blog stands for responsive one. As anybody will not even wish too purchase a poor blog with low results.

Value Estimation of A Blog

Now, the question comes what the starting bid to sell a blog. For that you will have to set a value of it. It’s very simple to estimate the value of a blog. Mention the value for the sake of :

1. Alexa Ranking
2. Google PR
3. Traffic Stats
4. Monthly Income (Affiliates + Advertisements)
5. Design & Layout

These are the most important factors which affect the selling value of a blog. All of them can increase as well as decrease your blog’s value.

As per the professionals, any successful blog’s sales value can be the 2-10 times of its annual profit. Because the bloggers is selling his main source of income and the buyer will get all the profit after it. So, there should be a value which should be compatible for both sides.

How To Sell A Blog

The the final question which arise in every bloggers mind. What are the ways through which a blogger can sell a blog. So, here are the ways to sell any blog :

1. Website Marketplace : There are so many marketplaces available for selling any website. Flippa is the most popular on amongst this category.

2. Classifieds : There are several free and premium classifieds ad based websites are available. You can join and post your website for sale over there too.

3. Banner On Blog : If your visitors will not mind then you can also add a banner on your blog for sale. It will tell your visitors that you want to sell that blog. If anybody will be interested then he will definitely contact you.

So, these were the things which I wanted to share on the topic of how to sell a blog. I hope it was useful for you. Comments are appreciated.


List Of Best PHP Articles Directory Submission Scripts

Earlier in my blog, I shared about WP themes to convert a site into Article Directory. In case you are not interested in using WordPress, then no need to worry. As this time we are covering about the open source scripts and softwares.

By using the above listed softwares and scripts you can easily create and high quality PHP based articles directory submission website. Few of the listed scripts are totally free and few are paid too.

I recommend you to check the demo of each script before choosing them. Specially in the case of purchasing any script.

1. Article Setup

It is a free php scrip through which you can create an article directory website easily. The script is quite easy to install as well as fully customizable too. Because it is an open source script you can also edit it according to your wish. The users can also take the help of Support Forums too.

2. AJ Article

This script is being promoted under AJ Square banner. It is also an PHP based software. There few special features available in this softwares like featured articles section, opinion poll, editors pick articles etc. There is a free version available to download totally free. But for extra features you will have to purchase the software.

3. Article Directory Script SEO

A very cheap article directory php script. It is the product of E-soft24. The price of the script starts from $34.90. It is also having various features like search engine friendly urls, browse authors, articles, popular articles, article searching, rss feeds, email etc.

4. Article Friend

Article friend is a flexible article directory script. It is an php base software to provide and article based solution service. It has the feature for customization of templates, seo optimized articles, can handle thousands of articles etc.

5. Article Directory Software

This script is the part of Soft Biz Scripts collection. It provides you features like seo friendly urls for pages, layout and texture customization, multiple languages enabled, advanced search option etc.

6. Article Directory Software – eSyndiCat

This is an SEO script to create an high quality article submission website. The price of the script is $50 only. It is quite cheaper then various other software of same category.

7. Your Articles Directory

This script is quite popular amongst the web developers. It is also available with 12 different kind of templates to make changes in the layout. It provides the features like site management, category management, articles or content management, articles reviews management, sections and users management, locations management etc. to the users. The overall price of the script is $99 only.

8. Article Publisher Pro

The script starts with $99.95 + $20 discount too. Quite clean script to make an article submission website with it. The developers allow you to check the front as well as back end demo too. Over all the script is an helpful tool for creating article submission platform

9. Article Friendly

I can denote it as the cheapest script which can help a developer to create an article submission site in economically. Although the layout and the features of the software don’t belong to the cheap category. Even you can also customize the files of the script in your own way. The price of the script its $29.90 only

These are the nine scripts which I found till yet. In case I will get to know about more effective scripts then I will definitely share it with you. I hope it will be useful for you.


50 DIY Thesis Theme Skins Demo Websites List

Whenever I visit any pro blogger’s place, I learn an individual thing. But now a days I am researching about the benefits of Thesis Themes. As so many popular bloggers are also talking about it only. New bloggers and few existing bloggers are also following those blogs without any hesitation.

Useful Link : Buy A Thesis Thesis Theme Now

I don’t have any doubt on the qualities of These themes or skins. But before applying it on my this blog, I am thinking to know more and more about it. For that I am visiting various blogs and websites which are using it.

DIY themes are most popular developer and promoted of Thesis Themes. If you are also interested in knowing more about it. So you must check the list of the websites using Thesis skins.

Thesis Themes

Thesis Theme Skins Demo Websites

Here are the list of the websites which is using Thesis themes. All these websites are available showcase section official website of Diy Themes.

http://robmaguire.com/ – Rob Maguire

https://www.thepaypalblog.com/ – Official PayPal Blog

http://billyidol.net/ – Billy Idol

http://moneyning.com/ – Money Ning

http://questiontherules.com/ – Question The Rules

http://www.lettercult.com/ – Letter Cult

http://epicmotion.com/ – Epic Motion

http://www.familyhomesecurity.com/ – Family Home Security

http://www.kevinmd.com/blog/ – Kevin MD

http://www.thesaleslion.com/ – The Sales Lion

http://www.alifeintranslation.com/ – A Life In Translation

http://www.proofbranding.com/ – Proof Branding

http://www.petershallard.com/ – Peter Shallard

http://www.bidsketch.com/blog/ – Bid Sketch

http://fatherapprentice.com/ – Father Apprentice

http://stickit2cancer.com/ – Stick It 2 Cancer

http://completeorganizingsolutions.com/ – Complete Organizing Solutions

http://www.fluencymedia.com/ – Fluency Media

http://www.greenyourdecor.com/ – Green Your Decor

http://colormetrix.com/ – Color Metrix Technology

http://candlewoodretreat.com/ – Candlewood Retreat

http://zenfullydelicious.com/ – Zenfully Delicious

http://oddmods.com/ – Odd Mods

http://radiussf.com/ – Radiussf

http://www.productiveflourishing.com/ – Productive Flourishing

http://hyder.me/ – Hyder.Me

http://www.344pounds.com/ – 344 Pounds

http://blog.merchline.com/ – Merchline

http://taxreceipts.com/ – Tax Receipts

http://www.affiliatesummit.com/ – Affiliate Summit

http://www.themogulmom.com/ – The Mogul Mom

http://kolakube.com/ – Kola Kube

http://www.lisafirke.com/ – Lisa Firke

http://www.ebaymotorsblog.com/ – Ebay Motors Blog

http://paidtoexist.com/ – Paid To Exist

http://www.lifestylesunlimited.com/ – Lifestyle Unlimited

http://theforgivenessproject.com/ – The Forgiveness Project

http://www.blogussion.com/ – Blog Ussion

http://thinktraffic.net/ – Think Traffic

http://outspokenmedia.com/ – Out Spoken Media

http://streetnine.com/blog/ – Street Nine

http://www.ronnestam.com/ – Ronnestam.Com

http://teamthesis.com/ – Team Thesis

http://mhelpdesk.com/ – M Help Desk

http://groupmindmedia.com/ – Group Mind Media

http://untemplater.com/ – Untemplater

http://www.shatterboxx.com/ – Shatter Boxx

http://www.matthodder.com/ – Matt Hodder

http://www.johngerzema.com/ – John Gerzema

http://gracefullplate.com/ – Gracefull Plate

http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ – Smart Passive Income

http://www.shoutmeloud.com/ – Shout Me Loud

Please note : All the websites listed above can change their themes anytime. We are not responsible for it. We are sharing this list for the help of other people. In case you find any mistake then comments will be appreciated.

Image Credit – http://nicholasreese.com


3 Best Places To Book A Website Name

Have you planned to create a website in future ? If you are sure then you must book a website name now. So, that it would have been available for you at that time. Unless you it can happen that it will be unavailable at that time.

It is quite necessary sometimes. Because, few time back I was thinking to book a domain name for my website. But just because of my sloppiness, I dropped the idea. After few days, I tried to book that particular website name again and I found that it is not available. Why ? because it has already been purchased by somebody else.

Now the question is how to book a website name ? It’s so easy for anyone. As by spending just few dollars you can book a domain name for 12 months. There are so many websites through which you can do this.

List Of Websites To Book A Website Name

Here in this post we are sharing the list of 10 websites. Through which you can book a domain name for certain period of time or long term too. All of these features are available in above websites. You need to note a thing that the domain should be available to book. So, we recommend you to check the availability too.

1. Name Cheap

It is a very popular website to purchase domain names online. The site claims the domain names starting from $3.99 per year charges. Besides in Name Cheap also offer other services like web hosting services, SSL certificates and domain transfer services too.

2. Go Daddy

GoDaddy is popular amongst webmasters and bloggers because of its long service period. You must have seen the advertisement of the company in on various communication sources. The domains prices start from $10 only.

3. Name

Name.com is also a very popular registrar of domain names. You can choose this site too book a domain name for your upcoming website. The domain charges starts from $9 approx. from here.

So, these are the name of few registrars which can be used to book a website name for your website or blog. As few dollars can’t effect you financially. But a good domain name booking on time can affect allot.


3 Methods For Installing WordPress Themes

This post is basically for the newbies. Who don’t know about the ways to installing WordPress themes in the blog. So, here in this post I am sharing the all possible methods to do so.

As most of the new bloggers know one or two ways for installations of the WordPress themes. Let check out the rest other ways too :

1. Installation Through Dashboard

As we all know, WordPress provides a huge collection of free themes. And it is very easy to search and install those themes from your WP Dashboard. For that,

Login to your blog Dashboard, go to Appearance then Themes and click on the Install Themes tab.

Now search your desired theme. You search the themes as per your genre, niche or other main words.

After selecting your theme, click on Install and Activate link of that theme. You can also check the preview before installing that theme.

Installing WordPress Themes

2. Upload & Install

If you have downloaded a free theme or purchase a premium theme. You will get that in archived format. It is very easy to change your existing theme with this one.

Like above, go to Appearance –> Themes –>Install Themes. Click on upload link, which will give you the file browsing option.

Use Choose File to browse the theme file in your system. Select the theme and click on Install Now button.

So, you have installed the theme in your WordPress blog. Now, its your wish whether you activate it to change the layout of your site or leave it in your gallery.

3. Install With cPanel / FTP Client

This is the third way for downloaded themes. It  includes the uploading and installing WordPress themes by using the external ways.

Lets talk about FTP use in theme installation process. For this you can use any FTP client like Blaze FTP, FileZilla FTP etc.

Access you hosted files by sign in and upload the files in themes directory. You will find it in, public_html/wp-content. Remember, the files shouldn’t be in any archived format. It means, extract that theme file before uploading.

Second ways is to use the cPanel of website. Log in to your cPanel and use File Manager to go to the same directory, which is public_html/wp-content. Now upload the themes files and extract the theme files inside it.

After using any of the process. Go to your Dashboard–> Appearance –> Themes –> Manage Themes. You will find that installed theme over there. Now, you can activate that theme anytime when you want.

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Please Tell Me What Is High Quality Content For Google

Many people ask on so many places, what is high quality content for Google ? How can we define high quality content or what Google want from us in the form of good quality content or articles. I am trying to give you the answers by explaining Google’s recommendation comprehensively.

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Last year, Google shared the high quality content guidelines on its official webmaster blog, more guidance on building high quality content. So here is it about what are the conditions and suggestions by Google for writing high quality content for websites.

High Quaity Logo<imagecredit>

1. Writer’s Trust : If you have written something then it is very much necessary that it should be believable. First of all will you trust the information provided by you.

For example, if you have shared any advice for the users for any subject. Will you too implement the same ? If you can trust the information then only you should share it to the readers.

2. Proper Knowledge of Topic : The person who wrote that article should be either a professional in that field or at least he should have enough knowledge on it.

If the person is not having the proper knowledge on that topic. Then how and why readers will be able to trust on it. Even, in few cases it can be harmful for them too.

3. No Duplicate & Unnecessary Articles – Are you duplicating the same topic just for the sake of covering few other keyword ? It means are you overlapping the content with new keywords ?

For example, I wrote a post in my blog with the title, how to change Facebook password. In this post I have shared the full process of changing the Facebook account password. But if I am creating an another post with the title, steps to change the Facebook account password. So, through this way I tried to cover maximum keywords but the content is same.

This is called overlapping and in case it is happening. Then stop doing it and rectify this mistake by deleting old posts. Because it is actually unnecessary content for your website.

4. No Money Related Risk : If you site includes the money transactions too then are you sure the visitor will feel comfortable to share its private information.

How to check it, think by self as a reader after viewing your site. If you would be there on the place of that reader. Then what would be your reaction on it. If you think you would have submitted your credit card, debit card numbers, pins, amount transfer etc. without any hesitation. Then you may think that its is fine.

5. No Grammatical Errors : It is a very basic and common mistake which bloggers ignore. They think few grammatical, spelling or punctuation mistakes will not affect their rankings.

But if a reader is arriving on your site then he is expecting you a professional writer. If you are showing by these mistakes that you are an irresponsible writer then he will leave your page and move towards any other article.

6. Write For Readers Not For Search Engines : Always write an article by focusing the readers of your blog instead of search engines. Because, stuffing extra keywords, post with less information etc. comes in the category of low quality content in Google measurement scale.

So, provide that information for which you expect a visitor on your page. If the user has been arrived by searching something else, because you optimized different keyword. And he got something else then it might be harmful for you.

7. Genuine Content : It is the main condition which Google put in front of all the bloggers, web masters and developers for better indexing. If you wish to have a blog which give you higher and higher rankings in Google SERP’s. The prefer writing original contact.

The original content should be on the base of original research, reporting, proper information and in your own way. Don’t ever try to copy content for any other website.

8. Content Comparing : Google softwares also check whether your pages have the substantial value then other pages or not. It means if your page is having less useful information then any other website’s page. then without any hesitation Google will prefer that site’s results on top.

The solution is, provide all the necessary information related to that topic. It also includes one of the above point too. Don’t go behind SEO and keywords, rush for the readers positive review and satisfaction.

9. Neutral Opinion : Be neutral at the time of writing content for your website. As Google clearly ask the question from the webmasters, whether the article describe both sides of a story.

It means if you are sharing any topic then write the positive as well as the negative side of that story too. So that the people can conclude it in their own view. Try to be neutral while writing.

10. Don’t Use Copyright Content : Don’t try to share or write any copyrighted content or thing. For example, if you are sharing a song which is copyrighted. It means you are sharing it then it means you are promoting piracy which is out of T & C of Google. So, before sharing any kind of content you must ensure whether you should have copyright of serving it or its should be free share by the authorized people.

11. Don’t Be In Hurry, Write Well : Google also suggest you write articles with calmness. Don’t make hurry or feel laziness while writing it. If somebody do this then the article remains incomplete.

So, if you are in hurry or feeling sloppy the stop writing. Complete it or edit it afterwards when you are totally free or in mood to write.

12. Be Careful for Health Queries : – It is a very important point if you are running a health related blog or website. Because the information providing by you could be taken seriously by the reader. And if it results in harmful for him then who will be the responsible person.

So, before publishing any health article, always confirm it is accurate and appropriate or not. Try to win your personal trust on that article before sharing it.

13. Full & Comprehensive Information : Of course, there are so many visitors who don’t love to read allot. They want much information in less words. So, try to write comprehensively always. It will attract the reader to read full post. But, don’t try to hide any important information. Share the full information as partial information will be criticized.

14. New & Attractive Content : Try to serve something new in your content with the help of new researches, analytic reports, stats etc. It will create the users attraction on your page. Unless, there is a chance that before arriving on your site the reader must have visited other sites too. If you are sharing only that common story in common way then where is your individuality.

15. Useful Content : Although the word has been repeated so many times in above paras. But it is an individual topic too. Are you providing an useful content through your blog or site.

How to scale the useful measurement ? Well, its simple ask yourself while reading that content, if you content has the power to get shared by people on various social and print platforms. Like social websites, newspapers, encyclopedias etc. Or, will people love to bookmark it.

If you think it has then it means you have written and high quality content. But remember keep information complete in your article. Then only it can be useful.

16. Less Ads & Clean Layout : Visitors come to read your article not your ads. But if you are giving more preference to ads then content then Google will fine your for that.

Ads should be in limit. Extra or enough ads can irritate a visitor. He will prefer to leave your page and choose any other link. Even the layout do also play a vital role in attraction.

Imaging, my blog is having black background and all the texts are written in yellow, red and green colors. Even more, the menus are movie here and there. Sidebar is walking upside down. Will you like it ? Of course not. So everything should be in proper and in proper manner.

So, these were the guidelines which are also mentioned by the official Google webmaster blog. I wrote this post to explain in for you. Hope, it was helpful for you. Thanks for reading. 🙂 🙂


List Of Best Websites To Free Download Drupal Themes

Finding the websites to free download Drupal themes is not a difficult task to do. After searching on Google you will get so many sites. But I though it would be beneficial for any web developer if they got the list of best websites through to download free Drupal themes.

Actually, WordPress and Joomla is already covering the market in the current scenario. On the name of CMS developers prefer to use them only. But now a days you can find so many webies who want to do something individual. That’s why the bend their view towards Drupal CMS.

Drupal Websites Free Theme

As you will get a very common layout site by default, after installing Drupal. So, it is necessary to change the design and it is only possible to get the themes. Here are the collection of those websites which I have selected for my visitors. All of the websites offer the Drupal users to download free themes. Check out the list :

List Of Websites For Free Drupal Themes

Drupal. Org – It is the official website of Drupal. It offers so many free themes for the Drupal users.

Drupal Love – You can get free as well as premium themes for Drupal too on this website.

Drupat-Theme.Net – The website has large collection of themes for various versions and categories of Drupal.

Fusion Drupal Themes – Whether the theme is free or premium both are provided here in high quality. So, check the list of decent themes over there to download.

OSSkins.Com – Although the site offers the themes of so many CMS like Joomal, WordPress etc. But you can also get huge collection.

Rocket Themes – You must have head about this site earlier. As it is popular to provide the high quality themes and templates for various other softwares too.

Symphony Themes – Symphony themes have the basically business to provide premium Drupal themes. But you can also download the free themes which are being provided by them on the same website.

Top Drupal Themes – Ultimate collection to download free themes. All the themes which are being provided in it are totally free to use on Drupal CMS.

WorthApost.Com – Check few high quality Drupal themes are also available on this website.

I must recommend you to surf this post regularly. As we will update more websites in this list after their arrival on the site. I hope it will help you. 🙂 🙂