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3 Tips To Use Images Which Will Reduce Blog Loading Time

Blog loading speed is a major issue for so many bloggers. We all know if the speed of a blog is slower then the Google SERP’s will also get lower and lower.

But do you know the very basic reason behind the increase in the loading time of blog is, “Images”. We don’t consider this problem as a big issue just for the sake of making a post more attractive. What’s the use of that post which will not open at the time when a visitor trying to do so.Even due to this issue, you will find your pages in tail results. If you don’t want to be the victim of this kind of blog problem then remember my above three tips at the time of using images in your blogs posts and pages. It will help you in reducing the blog loading time from the side of images.

1. Small Images On Home Page

Home / Main / Index page is a very critical area. Your blogs subscribers, fans and other people which arrives on your blog as a direct traffic will mostly access the home page of your blog. But in case it is fully loaded with image and taking so much time for loading then they would leave your page. Even to help the Google crawler to move on your blog properly you should not include large size images on the home page. Because if you are showing 10 blog posts on home page then obviously 10 minimum 10 large size images will also appear there.

I must tell you to use the small size images or I can say thumbnails for each blog post. You can use the Thesis Themes for your WordPress blog as they have the same feature. You can adjust the home page thumbnail image sizes according to your need.

2. Upload Low Weighted Images

It is the most common mistake which bloggers do at the time of using the images in their blog posts. Please consider it, may be you are also doing the same. Actually what we want is an image of the size 150 X 150 in our post but we have arranged an high quality and high resolution image of size 1024 X 768. Now, we will upload this large image in our blog and resize it by using media tool and save. But at the time of loading that particular page the blog will keep on loading until the full image gets download.

So, you should reduce the size of image before uploading. It will decrease the weight as well as the resolution of the image too and your post will take less time in uploading that image.

3. Minimum Images On One Page

We see various blogs who use only images, images, images and images on each post. They do it for attracting the visitors eye. But it is slowly harming your blogs reputation in SERP’s. More and more images will take more and more time to download the full content of that page. And more time in loading a page will give you the back position in search engine.

Hence, I must suggest you to use maximum 1 or 2 images on each page. As you must have heard phrase, a picture can tell 1000 words. So, one image would be enough for you, it depends what image is saying.For other cases or in need you can add extra images too.

Well, these were three tips which I want to share on the topic of image using tips which can help a blogger in reducing the the loading time of any blog. So use the above tips, make your website lighter for visitor as well as search engine crawlers too.

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