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How To Turn Off Skype Text Auto-Correct

Recently, I installed Skype in my new Macbook. I was chatting in Hinglish (Hindi + English mix language) with my friend. I observed that few typical words are being auto-corrected by the software. I had to backspace again and again to write them. It was feeling so irritated, so I decided to turn it off. With the help a little research I could do that successfully. I hope it will be helpful for you.

Turn Off Skype Auto-Correct

Spelling And Grammer Settings in Skype

  1. Go to Edit –> Spelling and Grammar.
  2. Then on Correct Spelling Automatically.
  3. Un-tick it.
  4. You can also turn off auto-spelling checker by un-ticking Check Spelling While Typing.

That’s it, through this way you have easily turned the feature off. Although, it is very useful, if you are typing in English language. Follow the same process you can make turn it on too.

Steps give above applies for Windows as well as Mac systems too.

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