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How To Become A Successful Amazon Affiliate

After reading on sombody’s blog that he earn 6 figure income per year through Amazon only, we get motivated and start thinking about how can become an affiliate, no… “Successful Amazon Affiliate”.

Nothing is possible without hardwork. But hardwork is not everything, you should also have the knowledge of proper way to achieve the goal. In our field research is the best to get the guidance. After allot of research I can share few points which can answer your quest.

Before doing anything, it must be confirmed whether you are an registered or active  Amazon affiliate or not. If not, then you must join Amazon affiliate program now.

How To Be An Successful Amazon Affiliate

I have divided my article in 6 possible points. It can help you in getting the knowledge according to the title.

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1. Higher & Higher Traffic

The first and very common thing which we need to earn huge amount of income is Traffic. Whether you are trying to earn through Amazon affiliate program or any other one, even through any CPC or PPC ad program too. Your site should get enough amount of traffic to print $$$.

2. Use Contextual Links

It is the most recommended way to generate sales through blog or websites. Suggest your visitors the best product in the same post through hyperlinking the related text or phrase.

For example, while writing a post on, ‘how to lose weight’. You can easily add a line in it i.e. You must read the popular weight loss ebooks too. This will force them to follow the link and probability will increase for referral sale. If sale is done the it will be easy for you to welcome the commission.

3. Relevant Articles

The relevancy of article is very much important. It contains two factors in it,

First, the product and article should match each other. Think, you are writing a weight loss related post and referring a Toy. Will it be worthy ? No.. so, it would be better to refer compatible things through your writings.

Second thing is the trust of the reader. If you are sharing baseless things then why the reader will go through your full article. Use nice and impressive way for writing an article. After writing it, read once and think from the view of reader. Will a reader love share it on social sites, or will anybody recommend it to other friends etc. If you think yes then its fine, but if you have a single doubt then refresh it.

4. Promote Offers, Discounts Coupons, etc.

If you have seen discounts and offers on any product. Then don’t wait to share it with your visitors, subscribers and email readers. Update it on your social pages and shoot an email (if you are using email marketing service which highly recommended by pro bloggers)

It will inform all your readers that they can save money on purchasing something. This process is highly responsive and you can see the instant hike in your sales chart.

5. Use Promotional Tools

Besides above point, you can also use various promotional tools like :

Banners Tools – You can add them on the sidebar of your website or blog’s widget areas.

Search Toolbar – It is also quite effective thing which you will get in your affiliate account. Through it readers can instantly search for the product which they want.

Themes & Plugins – You can use plugins and themes which are built with Amazon buttons and other features. It will be quite useful for you if you are running a blog on Amazon products niche.

5. Pick Best Review Products

In above points I tried to tell you how to promote Amazon products. Under this heading I want to tell you, What To Promote.

Amazon is an market, every market has good as well as worst things too. If you are referring your readers bad and poor quality products then they will never love to purchase them. It means, all your hardwork work will go in vain.

How to find the best product to refer. It is very simple, checkout the review points of the products. Try to promote those products only which have 5+ ratings. Unless less ratings will decrease the chance for your sales too.

So, these were the points which I want to share with my reader to explain the topic, How To Be An Successful Amazon Affiliate. I hope, these were useful for you.

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  • Ashish Kumar October 25, 2012, 11:28 am

    I tried amazon affiliate but affiliate programs needed higher traffic. Adsense is better for beginners

    • Saurabh Rai October 25, 2012, 3:35 pm

      To generate affiliate sales we need to have higher + quality traffic. Adsense is best for beginners its true.

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