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How A Blogger Can Sell A Blog

We all know blogging is all about expression our views and expressing through writing skills. But, now a days is becoming the most effective online work to generate huge income. You can use various methods to earn through a blog like affiliate marketing, advertisements, etc.

But there is an another way to earn instantly a huge amount of income. That is, simply “Sell Your Business”. A successful blog is an business for a blogger. And as a businessman it can be counted amongst the assets of its business. If you want then you can easily sell you business online. As there are so many companies and professional people of that industry find for existing blogs on internet.

Why Professionals Buy Old Blogs

There are so many reasons behind purchasing old and existing blogs by professional. Few of them are like :

1. Old blogs have much better indexing in search engines then new blogs.

2. They find for high PR and good Alexa Rankings too.

3. A new blog can take much time to get good rankings in SERPs but old blogs can give far better results in very short span of time.

4. Through old and good blogs you can start earning from today only but a fresh blog will take time to give you even a single $.

5. Due to the above reasons, few brokers purchase a blog from your in any particular price and sell them to other people. They take higher price for the same blog and their network help them in it.

Similarly, there might be several other reasons too behind this. Let me tell you, here old blog stands for responsive one. As anybody will not even wish too purchase a poor blog with low results.

Value Estimation of A Blog

Now, the question comes what the starting bid to sell a blog. For that you will have to set a value of it. It’s very simple to estimate the value of a blog. Mention the value for the sake of :

1. Alexa Ranking
2. Google PR
3. Traffic Stats
4. Monthly Income (Affiliates + Advertisements)
5. Design & Layout

These are the most important factors which affect the selling value of a blog. All of them can increase as well as decrease your blog’s value.

As per the professionals, any successful blog’s sales value can be the 2-10 times of its annual profit. Because the bloggers is selling his main source of income and the buyer will get all the profit after it. So, there should be a value which should be compatible for both sides.

How To Sell A Blog

The the final question which arise in every bloggers mind. What are the ways through which a blogger can sell a blog. So, here are the ways to sell any blog :

1. Website Marketplace : There are so many marketplaces available for selling any website. Flippa is the most popular on amongst this category.

2. Classifieds : There are several free and premium classifieds ad based websites are available. You can join and post your website for sale over there too.

3. Banner On Blog : If your visitors will not mind then you can also add a banner on your blog for sale. It will tell your visitors that you want to sell that blog. If anybody will be interested then he will definitely contact you.

So, these were the things which I wanted to share on the topic of how to sell a blog. I hope it was useful for you. Comments are appreciated.

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  • Ashutosh Joshi October 25, 2012, 10:18 am

    Nice Information.. Helpful article. Can you suggest any website which can tell the right * exact value ($) of website?

    • Saurabh Rai October 25, 2012, 3:30 pm

      I don’t know about any site yet… But we can’t believe those sites which tell the ranking without adding any script or codes

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