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Get Rid Of Unwanted Comments – Add Math Spam Protection

Whenever a person starts his blogging career he always have to face a problem which is known spamming. Spamming is like a curse in the field of blogging. Newbies in the blogging field feel very happy after getting the bulk of comments in their blog posts. I happens because they don’t know about the loss of spamming in a blog.

But there are several plugins available to get rid of this problem. Every plugin has its own functionality. But my favorite is Math Comment Spam Protection plugin. I feel it one of the best plugin to use as a spam protector because of so many reasons.

Math Comment Spam Protection Plugin Effect

After applying this plugin the comment box of your blog will start showing an easy question of maths. For example, 9+9 = ….

You must be thinking, if the question would be complicated then visitors will change his mind to comment on the blog. But no need to worry, these questions would be really easy. Visitors of your website not face any difficulty in answering the questions. In fact these much easier and less complicated then other Captcha plugins.

As soon as the the commenter will answer the simple math question the comment will move forward (either for your moderation or submission). This action will prove that the comment has been posted by a human being and any kind of spam comment robot is not working behind it.

I am using this plugin since long and it is really giving a much better results then other spam protection plugins. I would suggest your to check the plugin once.

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