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First Alexa Traffic Rank Report – September 2012

Exactly, nine days before I started this blog. At 2 september 2012, I wrote my first post on this blog. That day this blog wasn’t having any Alexa ranking but today at 11 September I checked out and with joy I can say that my blog has got the Alexa ranking.

Well, I am fully focused on earning through various concepts like Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, Banner Ads etc. For all those reasons I really need good Alexa Ranking as well as Google PR too. Now, allow me to introduce the first Alexa Traffic Ranking Report of Theme2me.Com.

Traffic Ranking Report of Theme2me.com

According to the Alexa Ranking status of 11 September 2012 of my blog www.theme2me.com my world ranking is 3,824,960. No regional traffic ranking has been given by Alexa to my blog till yet. Even I am also not having any backlinks on the other websites on internet world.

But I am working to get everything on my blog. I wish till 11 October I would be able to show some positive reports about my blog in front of you all.

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