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WP Quads Plugin – What are Features & Benefits !

Hello guys, first of all, sorry that I am writing a blog post on my blog after so long. It happened, because of few new projects. But now I have decided to be regular again on this blog and will be sharing about my experiences, research works and experiments with all of you.

In this article, I am going to talk about an awesome plugin which is called WP Quads. When I started using this plugin, it was named as Quick Adsense but after few updates, it became WP Quads. Although, now I am a user of WP Quads Pro (which is the premium version of this plugin). Now the questions are why I decided to use even the free version? What made me using it consistently. So, here are the answers in pointers.

Features & Benefits of WP Quads plugin

1. Ads On Beginning, Middle & End of the post 

The plugin allows you to place ads in the beginning of a post / page, in middle as well at the end of the post too. The settings will apply on all pages of your WordPress blog.

Ads can be placed in beginning middle and end of post in WP Quads free version

Although, there are several other plugins too which can be used for this purpose. But, it is also very useful.

2. Place Ads after <!–more–> Tag

If you are using <!–more—> tag in your WordPress posts then you can also place ads after that tag too. It gives a unique ad placement.

Place ads on more tag and right before last paragraph

3. Place Ads right before last Paragraph

By using even the free version of this plugin. You will be able to post an Ad right before the last paragraph too. I haven’t seen so many plugins offering this feature.

4. Ads placement after paragraphs.

You might be writing in paragraph formats, right ! Then use WP Quads for placing ads after specific paragraphs too.

For example, you can place an Ad after 2nd Paragraph of all your articles as well as 4th too. If in case you have less amount of paragraphs in few articles. The ad block will move to the end of the post. Such feature is also available in this plugin.

WP Quads Pro Plugin ads placement after paragraphs and images

5. Ads placement after images.

For example, you are using at least 2 images in your articles. Then, you can place ad blocks after specific images too i.e. after image 1 or image 2. Ads will be visible after Image’s outer <div> wp-caption, if there will be any.

WP Quads Pro Plugin visibility in homepage categories archieves tags ads widget posts pages

6. Visibility options

You can also fix where you want to make your ads visible and where to hide it like :-

  • On Homepage
  • On Categories page
  • On Archives page
  • On Tags page
  • AdsWidget on Homepage
  • Ads when user is logged in
  • On Posts or Pages

This feature will make you control your Ads very narrowly.

7. Adsense compatible

The plugin is totally compatible with Google Adsense program. You can easily put ads by just filling up your Ad Slod ID and Publisher Id. You can also fix the size of your ad or leave it responsive.

WP Quads is totally compatible with adsense

8. Ads Alignment

WP Quads alignment of ads

You can also align the ads according to your wish. Like you can align left or right with text wrapped or with as well. You can also set margin using this plugin.

9. Disabling on specific devices

If you want to disable any specific ad block on Desktop version, tablet landscape, table portrait or on phone. It can be done very easily with WP Quads. You just have to mark tick in the box.

WP Quads Disable Ads on WordPress as well as fix ad sizes too

9. Set sizes

There are a list of set sizes which can be set in WP Quads plugin for desktops, tablets in landscape, portrait and mobile phone as well.

10. Widget Ads

WP Quads Widget Ads

There are several ad widgets are also available with this plugin which you can put in the various parts of your theme template.

11. Unlimited Ads Placement

Unlimited amount of ads can be placed in WP Quads Free Version

Unlike so many other plugins WP Quads offers you unlimited ad placements. There isn’t any limit of ads which you can place on every single page or post of your website.

12. AMP Compatibility

WP Quads AMP compatibility

The best part which made me purchase this plugin was it’s AMP compatibility. All it’s features will work very actively on AMP version as well. Since, my website is running on AMP these days. It was really necessary for me to use Ads for AMP format too.

13. Text / HTML / JS Compatibility

Apart from Google Adsense, the ad boxes of this plugin accepts Texts, HTML Codes and JS format as well. It means you can post private ads too into your blog.

14. Free & Paid Versions

This plugin is available in free versions as well as pro-versions too. Considering the pro-version will be a value for money decision for you. It’s available against one-time payment and recurring annual payment for updates and support. People who have a chain of blogs can get the Pro License for unlimited websites.

Price of WP Quads Pro

To purchase this plugin, Click Here.

In case, you don’t like the plugin within 30 days. You can apply for refund also.


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