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Enable / Disable Google Webmaster Tools Email Notifications

Recently, Google updated its blog with a post that they will tell give all the necessary information about any kind of critical issue of your blog or website through mail. It will include the notification regarding critical site issues which can affect the performance and search engine rankings of any website.

But do you know how you can take advantage of this service of Google Webmaster Tools. Only in case if you have configured the email preferences of Webmaster Tools positively. You will have to enable the email notifications to receive it through them. So, that they can notify you about the issues related to your site about crawling errors, malware or any other kind of important issues related to your blog / sites health.

How To Enable / Disable Email Notifications

In case you are not getting the email notifications then you must check the email deliver preferences of Google Webmasters account.

For this you have to sign in into your Google Webmaster account and go to Preferences. 

Email Preferences Of Google Webmaster Tools

Check whether all the information is correct or not. Configure the language, issues and email account according to your need.

But don’t forget to check mark the Enable email notifications after it doing it save the settings.

Now on wards you are capable to receive the email notifications through your webmasters account.

In case you are not interested in getting information mails. Then you can easily disable it by unmarking the Enable email notifications.

As sometimes it happens, when people find these kind of messages and mails unnecessary for them or they are not holding any website but still getting the notifications. So, they can block the Google Webmaster email notifications.

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  • Ahsan October 19, 2012, 2:34 pm

    Google Webmaster take good step. So we can get any information which is vulnerable for our site

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