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DuckDuckGo.Com – Submit Website / Blog XML Sitemaps

Every blog or every website gets the 70-90% organic traffic through Google. Besides it Google and Yahoo is also a better option for generating little much traffic on our blog. DuckDuckGo is an another search engine which is active in the race of search results provider on internet world. There are so many people who love to search on Duck Duck Go more then Google, specially in United States.

This is the reason why so many people are searching about how to add a website or blog on the DuckDuckGo.com webmaster account with xml sitemaps. As everybody wants their site’s ranking on the top of every search engine whether it is Google, Yahoo, Bing or DuckDuckGo. I am also that kind of person who wants to do so.

But according to the present scenario of DuckDuckGo search engine, we can’t add the sites, blogs and sitemaps manually in it. DuckDuckGo is not providing any webmaster control tool feature to the website holders

Duck Duck Go Support Center

I have also checked it into the Support Center of Duck Duck Go that they finds the sites automatically and there is any place to submit any particular URL of any blog or site in it.

Personal Suggestion

After this you can understand that we can’t manually add our site in DDG. But what I can suggest you is to improve indexing the Duck Duck Go results you must work on getting better results from Yahoo and Bing.

Because, Duck Duck Go collects the results from these two search engines and if you are gaining high ranking in it then it is obvious that the same will get duplicated by DDG.

For that you have to add your website / blog in Bing search engine. Submission of sites in Yahoo is not allowed now because this feature has been removed by Yahoo.

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  • Kundan Bhardwaj October 3, 2012, 8:26 pm

    I am glad to know about DuckDuckGo.com as I had never come across it and never heard aswell.

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