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3 Content Related Advice By Google To Bloggers

Many of us keep thinking and searching for the guidelines and suggestions of Google about various topics like content related advice, design and structure etc. Actually the information are available too but sometimes we ignore few basic things which are openly shared by Google.

After the Google Panda hit on my one of the most high paying blog, I decided to read Official Google Webmaster Central Blog regularly. There I got to know about few mistakes which I was doing in my blog. Then I changed my way of blogging a bit to follow few advises which can harm my other blogs too.

Content Advice

Let me tell you that the below advises are totally related to the content of your blog. These are very basic points which Google discuss in almost every official blog post. And I am sure after following them honestly there isn’t any chance that you will get any kind of negative effect of Panda updates. Check out those three content related advice observed by me.

Quality, Quality, Quality

If you have already spent a few time researching about the field of blogging, then you must be familiar with the word “quality”. If not then let me tell you in short, about what quality is :

  • Don’t ever copy content
  • It should be useful and providing the information
  • Don’t provide illegal content
  • The content should’t defame anybody
  • It shouldn’t be objectionable

This is a brief of quality guidelines through which you can improve the quality of your blog posts. Although there are few more things which can help you to write attractive posts. But to create a best content which is compatible for search engines, these are essential.

Write For Readers Not For SE

It have seen this statement in so many posts of Google webmaster’s official blog. It clearly mentions that we should not use access of keywords, even Google suggest the bloggers to not to run behind SEO.

Just write your articles genuinely and honestly in your own way and own words. Rest leave on Google to optimize it on best place. Well, I am following it completely. I am not focusing much on In – Page SEO.

I just give a good, attractive and best keyword based title and start writing the post. But the main thing is, now I write my posts for the visitors not for the Search Engines. Obviously, its Google’s content related advice and there must be something important behind it.

Useful Content

Are you thinking about what useful content stands for over here ? Well, it contains few other things which we ignore while writing a post like short content, articles without full information, page full of keywords, posting just videos and optimizing them etc.

The content should be lengthy, Google suggest you to write a post which is having at least 500-700 words. Earlier, I used to write a post of 200-300 words sometimes much less. This was the biggest reason behind the death of my past blog.

You might be thinking that there are several other blogs too which have less amount of content but they are still having the best rankings in Google results. My blog was also included in that list but poor blog and its pages are out of top 20 page now due to Panda hit.

So, its my personal advice, don’t look at anybody else work. Focus on your own work and do it properly, follow webmaster guidelines and work honestly for visitors and readers. Stop working for robots (Google crawler) it will definitely help you.

Although you will get less traffic then earlier. But I am definitely sure that if future you will get best results, because when those blogs will get hit by Panda then you will be enjoying their traffic at good place in SERP’s. Why ? because you are working loyally.

All the best … 🙂

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