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Why Bloggers Quit Against Buy Sell Ads Account

Every blogger love to earn consistent income through their work. But everyone of use know neither Adsense nor affiliate income can be monthly fixed. That’s why a huge amount of bloggers wish to sell their ad space with the help of BSA. As I said, they feel the consistency of income through it.

But you know 30% – 35% bloggers quit from Buy Sell Ads in their early period. Few of them don’t even start and few get the account but leave it as it is for further use. What I am saying to you is absolutely right and may be you must also have felt it. What are those reasons which force the bloggers to forget about BSA. Let me explain it,

I Quit


Approval Of Account

First problem where the bloggers got stuck is the first step at the time of earning through BuySellAds that is approval of account. Its not easy to get the approval of BSA account on your blog if you are not properly completing the minimum requirements. And sometimes me too feel that its very difficult to get a BSA account that’s why so many bloggers quit before even starting.

Their application get denied various times after that they stop trying. But in my suggestion they should improve that site and try again later. Because BSA will be glad to get another quality publisher but are we compatible to it.

High Competition Of Publishers

BSA is the most popular ad space seller website. It’s not only poplar amongst the publishers but advertisers do also prefer it as the first choice to promote their products and services online. It’s obvious more and more publishers will also create their interest and this increase the competition between them. And more competition creates new problems of newbies.

Every advertiser search for the best site to promote their product. In this race the new sites get down and more down because they are not getting the advantage due to high competition.

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Less Patience

Blogging and earning through blogging, both need allot of patience. But generating income through Buy Sell Ads need more patience from your. First of all you site should be compatible according to the program then wait till the approval of you account. It is possible that you have to try again and again. After approval wait for the advertiser who can purchase the ad space of your site.

It means you need to have some patience till your are not getting the advertisers in a row. After sometime you will feel that you are getting more and more advertisers because you site is improving itself and attracting them.

Well, these were the few reasons due to which you can also feel like defeated in case of BSA. But I am sure that if you will fight strongly to remove the mistakes from your blog till you get the approval and sell your ad space. You will definitely win and your work / efforts will pay you more and more through it. All the best ! ! !

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