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3 Best Places To Book A Website Name

Have you planned to create a website in future ? If you are sure then you must book a website name now. So, that it would have been available for you at that time. Unless you it can happen that it will be unavailable at that time.

It is quite necessary sometimes. Because, few time back I was thinking to book a domain name for my website. But just because of my sloppiness, I dropped the idea. After few days, I tried to book that particular website name again and I found that it is not available. Why ? because it has already been purchased by somebody else.

Now the question is how to book a website name ? It’s so easy for anyone. As by spending just few dollars you can book a domain name for 12 months. There are so many websites through which you can do this.

List Of Websites To Book A Website Name

Here in this post we are sharing the list of 10 websites. Through which you can book a domain name for certain period of time or long term too. All of these features are available in above websites. You need to note a thing that the domain should be available to book. So, we recommend you to check the availability too.

1. Name Cheap

It is a very popular website to purchase domain names online. The site claims the domain names starting from $3.99 per year charges. Besides in Name Cheap also offer other services like web hosting services, SSL certificates and domain transfer services too.

2. Go Daddy

GoDaddy is popular amongst webmasters and bloggers because of its long service period. You must have seen the advertisement of the company in on various communication sources. The domains prices start from $10 only.

3. Name

Name.com is also a very popular registrar of domain names. You can choose this site too book a domain name for your upcoming website. The domain charges starts from $9 approx. from here.

So, these are the name of few registrars which can be used to book a website name for your website or blog. As few dollars can’t effect you financially. But a good domain name booking on time can affect allot.

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  • Nizam Khan October 16, 2012, 5:16 pm

    Nice post! Well yes, all the three websites are good, however GoDaddy is popular amongst webmasters/bloggers. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Saurabh Rai October 19, 2012, 7:12 am

      yess… exactly Nizam… thanks for your comment…:) 🙂

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