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Hello guys, first of all, sorry that I am writing a blog post on my blog after so long. It happened, because of few new projects. But now I have decided to be regular again on this blog and will be sharing about my experiences, research works and experiments with all of you.

In this article, I am going to talk about an awesome plugin which is called WP Quads. When I started using this plugin, it was named as Quick Adsense but after few updates, it became WP Quads. Although, now I am a user of WP Quads Pro (which is the premium version of this plugin). Now the questions are why I decided to use even the free version? What made me using it consistently. So, here are the answers in pointers.

Features & Benefits of WP Quads plugin

1. Ads On Beginning, Middle & End of the post 

The plugin allows you to place ads in the beginning of a post / page, in middle as well at the end of the post too. The settings will apply on all pages of your WordPress blog.

Ads can be placed in beginning middle and end of post in WP Quads free version

Although, there are several other plugins too which can be used for this purpose. But, it is also very useful.

2. Place Ads after <!–more–> Tag

If you are using <!–more—> tag in your WordPress posts then you can also place ads after that tag too. It gives a unique ad placement.

Place ads on more tag and right before last paragraph

3. Place Ads right before last Paragraph

By using even the free version of this plugin. You will be able to post an Ad right before the last paragraph too. I haven’t seen so many plugins offering this feature.

4. Ads placement after paragraphs.

You might be writing in paragraph formats, right ! Then use WP Quads for placing ads after specific paragraphs too.

For example, you can place an Ad after 2nd Paragraph of all your articles as well as 4th too. If in case you have less amount of paragraphs in few articles. The ad block will move to the end of the post. Such feature is also available in this plugin.

WP Quads Pro Plugin ads placement after paragraphs and images

5. Ads placement after images.

For example, you are using at least 2 images in your articles. Then, you can place ad blocks after specific images too i.e. after image 1 or image 2. Ads will be visible after Image’s outer <div> wp-caption, if there will be any.

WP Quads Pro Plugin visibility in homepage categories archieves tags ads widget posts pages

6. Visibility options

You can also fix where you want to make your ads visible and where to hide it like :-

  • On Homepage
  • On Categories page
  • On Archives page
  • On Tags page
  • AdsWidget on Homepage
  • Ads when user is logged in
  • On Posts or Pages

This feature will make you control your Ads very narrowly.

7. Adsense compatible

The plugin is totally compatible with Google Adsense program. You can easily put ads by just filling up your Ad Slod ID and Publisher Id. You can also fix the size of your ad or leave it responsive.

WP Quads is totally compatible with adsense

8. Ads Alignment

WP Quads alignment of ads

You can also align the ads according to your wish. Like you can align left or right with text wrapped or with as well. You can also set margin using this plugin.

9. Disabling on specific devices

If you want to disable any specific ad block on Desktop version, tablet landscape, table portrait or on phone. It can be done very easily with WP Quads. You just have to mark tick in the box.

WP Quads Disable Ads on WordPress as well as fix ad sizes too

9. Set sizes

There are a list of set sizes which can be set in WP Quads plugin for desktops, tablets in landscape, portrait and mobile phone as well.

10. Widget Ads

WP Quads Widget Ads

There are several ad widgets are also available with this plugin which you can put in the various parts of your theme template.

11. Unlimited Ads Placement

Unlimited amount of ads can be placed in WP Quads Free Version

Unlike so many other plugins WP Quads offers you unlimited ad placements. There isn’t any limit of ads which you can place on every single page or post of your website.

12. AMP Compatibility

WP Quads AMP compatibility

The best part which made me purchase this plugin was it’s AMP compatibility. All it’s features will work very actively on AMP version as well. Since, my website is running on AMP these days. It was really necessary for me to use Ads for AMP format too.

13. Text / HTML / JS Compatibility

Apart from Google Adsense, the ad boxes of this plugin accepts Texts, HTML Codes and JS format as well. It means you can post private ads too into your blog.

14. Free & Paid Versions

This plugin is available in free versions as well as pro-versions too. Considering the pro-version will be a value for money decision for you. It’s available against one-time payment and recurring annual payment for updates and support. People who have a chain of blogs can get the Pro License for unlimited websites.

Price of WP Quads Pro

To purchase this plugin, Click Here.

In case, you don’t like the plugin within 30 days. You can apply for refund also.


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Change Reset Mac’s User Account Password

Privacy of your system is very necessary, especially if you are have important professional or personal data inside it. People like me are very much insecure about their systems. Since, I have been using Windows laptop, I was well aware of its security. But being a new user of Macbook, I have to Google things to learn its system settings.

Recently, I felt like my User account’s security has been breached. It was really needed to change the password of my Macbook’s user account. The problem was, I didn’t know how to do it. If you are also facing such issue for your Macbook or Mac systems, I recommend you to follow below mentioned steps.

How To Change Mac’s User Password

To change your system’s password, you need your existing password. Do you remember it ? Good. Go ahead.

  • Turn on your Mac system.
  • Login to your account using your existing user password.
  • Click on Apple menu (Apple icon on top left corner of  your screen).
  • Go to System Preferences.
  • Now search and go to Users & Groups.
  • You will be able to see your username in the list of users at left sidebar. Select it and click on Password.

Change Password

  • Next step is, click on Change Password button.

How to change password

  • System will ask your Old Password, New Password (twice) and Password Hint (optional), fill them and update it.

Following this way you have successfully changed your existing Mac’s user password with new one. Next time onwards, you have to use New Password (which have been set by you) to login into your account. I hope this article would have helped you. Share your comments


How To Turn Off Skype Text Auto-Correct

Recently, I installed Skype in my new Macbook. I was chatting in Hinglish (Hindi + English mix language) with my friend. I observed that few typical words are being auto-corrected by the software. I had to backspace again and again to write them. It was feeling so irritated, so I decided to turn it off. With the help a little research I could do that successfully. I hope it will be helpful for you.

Turn Off Skype Auto-Correct

Spelling And Grammer Settings in Skype

  1. Go to Edit –> Spelling and Grammar.
  2. Then on Correct Spelling Automatically.
  3. Un-tick it.
  4. You can also turn off auto-spelling checker by un-ticking Check Spelling While Typing.

That’s it, through this way you have easily turned the feature off. Although, it is very useful, if you are typing in English language. Follow the same process you can make turn it on too.

Steps give above applies for Windows as well as Mac systems too.


Importance of a good wordpress theme can not be neglected if you are serious about Your blog or Your Business site. A good theme is must have for WordPress sites to ensure good site speeds , better design To boost your On page seo and maintain bounce rates.There are Thousands Of free and paid wordpress themes available on Internet. Most Of Newbie bloggers waste plenty of money and Time in choosing a good theme. Here let me share my experience with swift theme by Satish Gandham which is one of most popular free theme in wordpress.org.

Swift Theme comes in both Paid Version and free version. I used free version for my blog for more than one year and later i downloaded swift premium trial version Which made me fall in love with premium version. Let’s discuss about functionality and main features of this responsive theme.


Premium Swift Theme Features & Functions

What is kept in mind while purchasing a WordPress theme? Theme should be responsive , It should work well on big screens of users laptop as well as basic smartphones with small screen size. It should be clean and easy to use.

Recently google has made it clear that it will give priority in indexing responsive websites. Sites which are responsive and with good pagespeed are ranked better and fortunately swift premium thes do it very well..

Loading Speed : This is also an important factor in Google’s ranking algorithm. The Swift premium theme loads at over 90% speed on Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool. We tried at and achieved a speed of 93%.

It loads very fast

On its website, Initially, i was not convinced with that description. But when i tested the theme on my own (more than 5 times), i got the same results.

On all the parameters such as Page speed grade, Page load time, YSlow grade, Total page size and number of requests, Schema WordPress theme performs well as compared to Genesis framework and Elegant Themes.

When you are running a WordPress blog, it is very critical to maintain the health of your blog.

Its minimal design beats even Genesis framework

You can easily feel it while navigating my blog. Color combination, typography and styling of Swift theme in WordPress theme is really impressive. Every feature is kept very simple.

It comes with in-built ad management system

Adding A pugin for ad management is never an good idea. In Swift theme by Satish you can add different ad codes for different screen sizes. You can choose ad management as per your choice.

Easy-to-use theme panel

Swift theme can be customised the way you want . For example- I took only 10-15 minutes to buy this theme, install it on my blog, understand everything and customize my blog.

The best thing about the theme panel of swift premium theme is that you get only what you need. That means your theme panel is not cluttered with things you are hardly going to use while blogging.

SEO Ready

Search engine optimization is everything in blogosphere. You just write a simple word ‘SEO’ in Google search, you will find thousands of results for this, Thanks to well-documented codes of this premium theme that make this theme loads faster than even Genesis framework.

Because of these things, Swift WordPress theme works pretty well when it comes to SEO. If you want to get into professional blogging, choosing a best WordPress theme is what you need.


Best Business / Product Review Open Source Scripts

Do you realise the potential of user generated content on the site? If you are targeting just the organic traffic, believe me there is nothing else that can drive the consumers to your website but a clean user interface and functionalities that can keep the users engaged. This engagement would convince them to create more quality content for you in terms of reviews and comments. So, here are some of the available scripts to create a profit making product/business review website

ViaviWeb- Product review Script

Product Review

This product review script is developed by ViaviWeb and is compatible on browsers such as IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome. Files such as JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL are included in this software which makes it easy to work on for any developer. Features offered by this script are product reviews and ratings, different home page styles, Disqus comment system, Subscribe form and sharing buttons.

Review Script


Review Script is a PHP/AJAX Amazon-style script. It allows users to rate the project on the scale of five. It is popular in the market with the name of Five Star Review Script. It can be used to rate and review books, pictures, places etc. Comments moderation, edition and deletion from admin panel is a possibility with this script.

Meeplace-Business Review Script


Meeplace Business Review and Directory Software is very popular across the globe for its lifetime free upgrades. This script can be installed on one web domain at a time. However, if you wish to install it on multiple domains, you have to buy it separately. There might be some install problems hence the company offer extra charge for install service for the script.

BizReview – Yelp Clone Script on Drupal


Developed by Symphony Themes, Biz Review script is fully customised business review script which has three home pages, multiple blog styles, banners, map base and premium advertising space. This is a Yelp Clone Script which is one of the top rated business review websites in the world. Biz review script is compatible with Drupal 7 and was last updated on 19-aug-2015.

CrowdVox- Review Script


Crowd Vox is a PHP script which has interactive dashboard, module manager, type of configurations, filters, tags and ad rotations. The same script can be used as directory website, business review script, restaurant script, Hosting review script as well as for product review script. The company claims that this script can be used by anyone and not just by programmers.

EzyDir Script


Ezy Dir Script is a PHP framework which can be customised as per the user’s requirement. Originally, it is a Directory Script which can be modified as business review script which is SEO enabled and attracts organic traffic. This comes with revenue generator and the developer claims that it is perfect for business listings and dynamic advertisement.

If you think we have missed something, feel free to comment!


Best Coffee Cafe Shop & Restaurant WordPress Themes

The trend of Coffee Cafe Shop as well as Restaurant business is getting sky high day by day. Which creates rise in the business of website developers too. 90% Cafe Shop & Restaurant owners wish to have a website of their business. Are you a developer and worried about the innovative designs with high features. We recommend you to use WordPress Premium themes for that purpose.

Read More : Food & Recipes Blog WordPress Themes

Coffee Cafe Shop & Restaurant Themes

In the list below, you will get premium and high quality WordPress themes which can be useful for you. The texture, design, layout and graphics do also match the niche. You must check the demo of all themes before purchasing.

1. Foodilicious – Templatic Themes

Features : Fully customizable front page and header, custom control panel, localisation support, items menu page, menu page gallery view option, separate category wise list view, blog listings, blog details, contact us page in-built, five color schemes for the theme, theme support option, theme details, guide and tutorials with PSD files in the package, drop down navigation with breadcrumb, gravtar support with threaded comments, buit in ad monetization feature, fully SEO, widget ready with browsers compatibility etc.

Recommended : Templatic Club Membership For All Theme Access

Foodilicious Theme Screenshot

2. Coffee Lounge – Theme Fuse

Features : jquery image lightbox, dynamic sidebar widget creation, feedburner ready, auto image resizing, cross browser compatible, jquery image / video lightbox, font-face custom font, custom widget (prefix with fuse), powerful admin options, javascript enabled tabs

Recommended : Theme Fuse Membership – Download All Themes

Cafe Lounge Theme Screenshot

3. MyCuisine Restaurant Theme – Elegant Themes

Features : Regular theme updates available, quality codes, cross browser compatibility, products menu page availability, location page templates for visitors, multi lingual for localization, proper support, four kind of color schemes with various templates, theme options panel, short codes facility etc.

Recommended : Download All Elegant Themes In $39 Only

Mycuisine Theme Screenshot

4. My Restaurant Theme

Features : Beautiful 4 kind of professionally designed layouts, online marketing feature, online menu cards page, coupon system, reservation services provider, event management, social networking, advanced customization tools etc.

My Restaurant Theme Screenshot

5. Foodie – Mint Themes

Features: Documentation with video tutorials and how-tos, 2 page templates (full-width and archives), custom widgets, custom logo, custom background, wordpress 3.4-ready, custom ingredients builder, embed video features, post format support (standard, gallery, video) etc.

Foodie Theme Screenshot

6. Happy Tables Theme Collection

Happy Table provide various kind of themes in their collection. Their theme related to the same business genre. Check out the full collection of themes.

Chowforce Theme By Happy Tables Screenshot

7. Restaurant Theme – Organic Themes

Features : Custom header, custom background, custom menu, color change options, featured slider, featured images, featured videos, custom page templates, numbered pagination, widget ready, photoshop design file, gravity form styling

Organic Restaurant Theme

8. Foxy – Organized Themes

Foxy Theme Screenshot

9. Restaurant – Clover Themes

Restaurant Theme by Clover Themes

10. coRestaurant – Clover Themes

coRestaurant Theme Screenshot

11. Restaurant Pro – Bizz Themes

Restaurant Pro Theme by Bizz Themes

12. Rezo Theme

Features : Homepage feature slider (managed by WP custom post type), Menu listing with various layout options, Lightbox gallery (managed by WordPress Media Library), Google Map shrotcode functionality, Threaded comments, Two custom menus: header & footer, Multi-level dropdown menus, Header widget to add phone number, Social Media widget to add social network icons
Styled page navigation, Choose up to 4 widget columns on homepage, Choose up to 4 widget columns in footer, 7 layout options to choose from in the query page template, 7 different skins, Custom footer text, Child theme support

Rezo WordPRess Theme Screenshot

13. Diner – Woo Themes

Diner Theme Screenshot


4 Clean Simple Layout Blogging WordPress Themes

The success of any blog can be decided through the readers only. To get the positive response from readers the blog should of have quality. And design play a vital role in the quality of any design. Whenever a reader come to your blog, the bounce rate and time duration will depend on the layout first. Only after that he will read your content.

It clearly means that we should choose a proper theme of our blog. As the main purpose of a blogger is to provide best information. Showing them the designing creativity and art is not the good idea. Besides we should work on impressive writings and good presentation.

The point presentation in a blog is very much depend on the a good theme. It should be neat, clean and eyes friendly of users. So, if are in search of the themes which can be counted in the category of clean simple layout blogging themes. Then you must check the above collection of 4 themes.

1. DIY Thesis Themes

I am a very big lover of Thesis Themes. The theme I am using is also a Thesis skin. The provider of these skins are DIY Themes. You must check about them. If you want to check the live demo of the site then you should visit my post 50 Demo Websites For Thesis.

Thesis Themes Demo Screenshot

2. Genesis Framework – StudioPress

In my view, Genesis Framework is the second best option for the bloggers who are searching for best clean layout themes. It will give your WordPress blog a neat and clean look for the comfort of readers.

Genesis Framework Demo Screenshot

3. Pagelines Themes 

It is my third most favorite theme designs for blogging purpose on WordPress. The themes are basically developed and used for the creating professional websites on WordPress platform.

Pagelines Theme Screenshot

4. Swift Themes

If you are searching for a best, cheap and clean layout theme for your WordPress blog. Then I must recommend you to check this too. It has a clean and high quality design with proper features. Even, the free version is also available on the website.

Swift Themes Screenshot

All the above themes are high quality, neat and clean premium themes for WordPress. The basic purpose of all the themes are blogging only. Even, I can say that these themes are the preference of large amount of pro bloggers.


WordPress Themes For Schools, Colleges & Institutes

Are you in search of premium, high quality and professional WordPress education based themes. Well, we have a nice collection which can help you allot to create a website for schools, colleges, tuition centers, coaching centers, institutions, play schools creche, universities etc.

In the below collection you will not find any unnecessary or unwanted theme. All the themes are qualified theme which have the power to convert a normal WordPress blog in to an impress and professional business website.

Check out the collection and we suggest you to follow the hyperlinks on title as well as the screenshot of the themes. They will redirect you towards the home page to give you demo links, features information and price related details

Please note, the hyperlinks are actually affiliate links and if you will purchase any of the theme then I will get a little amount of commission. I wish the readers and buyers will not mid it. 🙂 🙂

1. Education Theme

As usual like other StudioPress themes, the user will get the features like 6 color styles, 6 layout options, custom background, custom menus, featured images, fixed width, mobile responsive, theme options etc. with the theme.

Education Theme By StudioPress Screenshot

2. Grand College

This theme is a specialized WordPress education theme. It provides the users features like course table built-in, personnel post type, drag drop page builder, localization supported, 6 customer post types, SEO optimized, unlimited sidebars etc.

Grand College Theme Screenshot

3. Graduate Theme

Besides the standard Gabfire Theme features, you can also have the qualities like multiple category page layouts, custom admissions widget, fully controllable sliders, media gallery template, flowplayer and jquery tools

Graduate Theme Screenshot

4. Pekaboo – Children Theme Template

Peekaboo is WordPress theme with children template. It is designed for daycare, preschool, school, play schools and other small businesses related to kids. You must try this theme if you are searching something like this.

peekaboo Theme Screenshot

5. Kid’s Voice School Theme

Kid’s Voice School is a beautifully designed WordPress Theme, specially for child schools, creche, child care business etc. Even it can also suit other kind of business like art, craft or other related creative website.

Kids Voice School Theme Screenshot

6. EduPress Theme

An ultimate and beautifully organized WordPress theme, brought to your by WP Zoom Collection. It can be used for universities, colleges, schools, etc. Enhanced with 7 custom WPZOOM widgets, this theme is flexible, versatile and easy to customize.

EduPress WordPress Theme Screenshot

7. Enterprise Theme – StudioPress

This theme is also the part of StudioPress collection. It is basically designed to develop a high quality business website. You will get the features like 6 layout options, featured images, fixed width, theme options, threaded comments etc.

Enterprise Theme Screenshot

8. WordPress University

The name of the theme is exactly according the quality of the theme. It is designed for the webmasters and developers who want to create a website for universities, colleges, institutes etc. kind of educational places.

WordPress University Theme Screenshot

9. Lexington – A University Theme

The price of the theme is $35 only but it will give a proper professional University website look to your blog. You will also get the features like significant visual improvement, larger homepage slider, custom optional homepage modules, ability to display featured posts as pages (optional), unlimited color options via wp background, ability to control link color from the admin panel, new hover effect for gallery, table styling, built-in styling for contact form 7 etc.

10. Education Academy – Templatic

Templatic themes always offer a good range of designs for developers. The specialty of these themes are the in built features. You can have the special features in this themes which are : out of the box – auto install, multiple post types, endless skin variations, widgetized homepage, dedicated blog, advanced custom fields functionality, responsive design and various layout options. Besides it, you will get the Templatic theme qualities too.

Recommended : Templatic Club For All Themes Access

College University Theme By Templatic

11. Erudito Theme – WP Zoom

If you are searching for a theme with featured posts slider on home page, in-built dynamic builder, responsive design and layout, multiple in built color schemes, footer widget bars etc. Then I must recommend you to go for this theme. With all that you will also get WP Zoom framework too.

Erudito Theme Screenshot

12. Academica Education Theme

WP Zoom is providing three education based themes in its collection but it is the best and most popular theme for creating a business website.

Academica WordPress Theme Screenshot

13. Universidad – Viva Themes

Universidad is a nice premium quality theme with good navigation and menu bars. It gives a proper professional look to a website. You must check it once.

Recommended : All Viva Themes In One Pack

Universidad Theme Screenshot by Viva Themes


YouTube Clone Open Source PHP Scripts Collection

YouTube.com, meant as the most popular and best video share website. Now, it is the part of Google’s group. There are so many developers and companies who are trying to compete with it. But it doesn’t any body can do it soon.

Besides there are several people who saw a dream to create a fresh website like YouTube. Something like this is running in your mind too ? So, good article for you because through the help of open source clones you can easily develop a high quality video sharing portal.

All the clones and scripts are available in PHP compatibility. Collection of the script are available with screenshots and demo links. You are free to purchase them online but check their features before it. Each and every script has individual design and features.

List Of YouTube Clone Scripts

1. All Share Video

All Share Video Script

A very powerful script developed by PilotGroup Scripts. This script will give a proper matching look of YouTube.com to your website. The site is available with so many features. I must suggest you to check the PG Video Sharing Software of the collection of scripts. You can also find various other kind of scripts too over here.

2. Clipster Script

Clipster Demo Sceenshot

The main attraction of this script is the look and the features  But before that the very best thing is the price of the script. Quite cheap script with effective services can be found in this software.

3. ClipShare Script

ClipShare Demo Screenshot

This scripts is available in two editions, one is CS Lite and other one is CS Pro. The price and features both vary according to the versions of the website. I must recommend you to check the features and live preview of this script.

4. vBuzz Script – GenX

vBuzz Script By GenX

GenX scripts are providing you a viral video script in a very economical price. The script can be used in the development of a grand video sharing and uploading website. Features like, SEO friendly URL’s, easy customization, multiple languages etc. make this script much promising then others.

5. Inout Video Script

Inout Videos Script

Inout Scripts are my all time favorite. Whatever they develop would be definitely appreciable. Same like this video portal scripts. Lost of features whether they are normal or advanced are being provided in it. Actually design and features are the specialization of Inout scripts. You must check the website, there you can find other scripts too like Search Engine Clones, etc.

6. Channel Script – Agriya

Channel Script By Argiya

Purchase this script in an efficient price which is good according to the features of the script. You can have the qualities like video sitemaps for Seo, paid memberships, channels, ads etc.

7. Genx YTZone Script

Genx YTZone Script

PHP versions enabled script to create a high quality video sharing portal. The features are quite same vBuzz. Because the both scripts are being shared by the same developer.

8. Kernel Tube Script

Kernel Tube Demo Screenshot

A nice script to create an professional video sharing website. The above screenshot is enough to tell you few features. Besides it, there are lots of features too.

9. Just Another Video Script

Just Another Video Script Demo Screenshot

The plus point behind this script is the in built player feature. JWPlayer is built with it with various kind of skins. HD quality videos sharing services with proper security settings. The script is also available with 7 different designs and templates.

10. Video CMS Script

Video CMS Demo Screenshot

This product belongs to the collection of CMSstart scripts. The script is giving you the features like Manage pages, Manage videos & comments, Manage Categories, Easy management of preferences, Upload your own videos, Add YouTube, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Zideo and 123video videos etc.

11. phpVibe Script

phpVibe Video Script

The developers of this script promise to give responsive design and framework for big as well as small screen too. The script seems like a proper clone to create a website like YouTube.com

12. Smart Video Premium Script

Smart Video Premium Script

It is a social video sharing websites. The script is available in two kind of templates. One is lighter one and other one is dark layout. It is based on membership features too.

13. Automatic Video Script

Automatic Video Script Screenshot

E-Soft is popular worldwide for their cheap and effective scripts. The same condition belongs to this video sharing script. It is an impressive PHP script to create a high quality and nice video sharing portal with professional look.

14. php Melody Script

phpMelody Script

It is an three sidebar video sharing script. Which can give a proper and attractive look to your visitors. The sidebar of the website give the user better suggestions to watch videos online. You must check the live demo as well as the full features list of the script.

15. YouTube Clone Script

You Tube Clone Script

The script is properly designed to copy the YouTube design. Although we can’t compare it with YouTube at all. But still, if you want to change the layout then you can do it easily without any kind of problem.

16. Video Community Portal

Video Community Portal

It is the product of iNet-Solutions which is related to the famous 2daybiz scripts. After checking out the demo, you will realize that the frond end look of the script is quite similar to the YouTube.com

17. MediaShare Script

MediaShare Video Portal Script

Develop an attractive social networking website with video sharing features. One sidebar for advertisements, make friends, chatting etc. options can be given to the users and visitors of the website.

18. Search Media

SearchMedia Script

19. Tube Creator Script 

Tube Create Script

20. AltraSoft Video Enterprise

AlstraSoft Video Share Enterprise

21. Social Media Script 

Social Media Script

22. iScripts VisualCaster Online

iScripts VisualCaster Online Demo


Food & Recipes Blog WordPress Themes Collection

This whole article is written for the people who are searching for the best premium theme to create a food blog. Even for those people too who want to convert a normal WordPress blog into cooking recipes blog.

I am dedicating this idea to one of my Facebook friend, who asked me to give the best collection of themes related too. Actually, she searched a bit on Google, but she found the sites are just referring the links. Most of them are useless one.

Read More : Coffee Cafe Shop & Restaurant WP Themes

But the above collection of themes are selected by me. I have selected the above theme while keeping in mind about the food or recipes blogging idea. So, all of the above themes will give you the design, textures, colors, graphics related to eatables only 😛 😛 .

Special Suggestion  : If you are thinking to create a normal WordPress blog with simple and clean layout then I will suggest you to choose Thesis Themes. It has all the qualties to run a professional blog.

List of Food & Recipes Blogging Themes

So, here are the collection of topic related themes. By following the hyperlink you can get the demo / preview links and other information about any particular theme.

1. Bon Apetit

Bon Apetit Theme Screenshot

Profit Link : Download All ThemeFuse Themes – $17 Only

2. Food Recipes

Food Recipes Theme Screenshot

3. Delicioso Theme

Delicioso Theme Screenshot

 4. FoodPress Theme

FoodPress Theme Screenshot

 5. Ingredients Theme

Ingredients Theme Screenshot

6. Time For Food 

Time For Food Theme Screenshot

7. RecipeBook Theme

RecipeBook Theme Screenshot

So, these were the list of themes to help the bloggers who are searching for high quality WordPress premium designs for the blog. I hope the above post was useful for you. If you feel like commenting then please don’t hesitate. 🙂 🙂